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We ship our beef right from our farm in Northern California to your door!

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Starting Out

When we first started we were just wanting to raise healthy grass fed beef and know exactly what was going into them for our family. We bought some property next door to my families ranch and a few cows and started raising them all natural and grazing our pastures year round.

All Natural

We raise our animals as natural as possible and organically minded. We do not give them any growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or any other unnecessary stuff! What they eat is natural and what we give them is natural. just 100% Natural beef!

Pasture Raised

Our cows are born and raised on the open pasture. We keep our herd small so they have plenty of grass to eat during the Spring, Summer and Fall. During the winter months when the grass is gone we feed them hay.

Happy Cows

We keep our cows stress free and happy. Lower stress, means happy cows and better tasting meat! We build a trust with our cows from day one so they are not scared of us. we also delay wean our calves so the mom and baby are less stressed and the baby gets a few extra months of nutritious milk, which helps with growth and taste.

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